La Dégustation - Champagnes & Delicatessen, by Antoine Westermann Champagne & Fine Foods

Perhaps you feel like going out to eat in a pleasant atmosphere, but not necessarily in a restaurant ...or maybe just step out for a snack

Maybe you feel more like staying in and having a meal in your own home - for two or perhaps for a small, last-minute party, with hors d’oeuvres and a few delicacies...
Add a few bubbles for fun, and that’s the Dégustation’s recipe!

What’s The Idea, Chef?

Nostalgia for his delicatessen in Strasbourg, coupled with a desire to share new moments of conviviality, inspired Antoine Westermann to create “La Dégustation”. It is a welcoming spot where one can discover a selection of champagnes at reasonable prices, enjoying them with select fine products and hors d’oeuvres created by the chef.

What’s Your Motivation, Chef?

A passion for parties, conviviality, sharing a meal – and culinary imagination!

A real desire to work with fine products that he knows and likes, and an eagerness to share various culinary specialties like his crusted pâté and the Drouant’s foie gras, the Coq Rico’s chicken terrine and duck rillettes, vegetable dishes from Mon Vieil Ami.... A love of hors d’oeuvre and well-made products.

Comment ça se passe chef ?

-From noon to midnight, an art de vivre experience of culinary pleasures without actually sitting down to a full meal.

-With fine products and flavors in a warm atmosphere.

-In a delicatessen with seasonal products chosen by the chef, allowing customers to improvise – while dining in or taking away.

-In tandem with a sommelier’s advice on over 50 different champagnes.

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